At a time when it seems that prices continue to rise while your paycheque stays the same, it would be great to save a little money on expenses like your auto insurance. But the last thing you want to do is remove coverage to save money now and then find yourself without protection after a loss. Here are some ways you might be able to reduce your auto insurance costs without deleting or reducing important coverage:

  • Place all your insurance policies with one provider. You probably already know that bundling your auto and home insurance gives you discounts, but when one professional looks after all your insurance needs, he or she will also ensure there isn’t any duplication of coverage. There may also be more cost-effective ways to protect you, such as purchasing one umbrella liability policy instead of increasing the limits on each of your individual policies.
  • Install winter tires on your vehicle. Not only do all insurance companies in Ontario offer a discount when you use winter tires, but your chances of being in a costly accident are greatly reduced.
  • Talk to your insurance provider about usage-based insurance. Programs are available that track your driving behaviour — such as what times of day you’re on the road and how often you engage in “hard braking” — and your good driving habits can earn you significant discounts on your premium.
  • Consider public transit options for your daily commute. In addition to the lower rates on your insurance, you’ll extend the life and resale value of your vehicle and enjoy the benefits of lower gas and maintenance costs.

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