Gifting a new puppy or kitten to a loved one may seem like the perfect gift, but keep in mind that pet ownership is a responsibility that not everyone is prepared for. Many Canadians do not own a pet because they do not want the added responsibility, and the influx of pets to humane societies after the holidays is proof of that. If you are gifting a pet to a loved one this holiday season, make sure to include pet insurance!

If you are going to buy a pet for someone, you need to know the lifestyle of the person. Pet ownership is a long-term commitment, as cats and some dog breeds can live up to 20 years!

According to the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, in 2016:

  • It costs an average of $3,000 annually to care for a puppy and $2,600 annually to care for an adult dog.
  • It costs an average of $2,000 annually to care for a kitten and $1,700 annually to care for an adult cat.

Instead of buying a new pet for someone, consider the alternatives:

Make a donation in their name to a local shelter, humane society or rescue organization. Donating in their name is a fantastic way to show support for homeless pets without tying a person down to commitments they can’t uphold.

Pay the adoption fee for a pet they choose when they’re ready. With adoption, you are giving the animal a second chance at finding a loving family.

Gift a person pet insurance We always hope that our pets will live long, healthy, accident-free lives, but the reality is that there will be times they need expensive veterinary care. Offer to pay the insurance premiums for a pet to ensure that they will never have to worry about costs before the care they need.

Hudson’s Bay Financial Insurance is proud to partner with Petline Insurance, the largest pet insurance company in Canada. Through Petline Insurance, you can be reimbursed by up to 80 percent of the costs of care and veterinary services if your pet becomes ill or is injured in an accident.

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