Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year, filled with treats and spooky fun for everyone — except for your pets. They aren’t able to recognize risks and how to prevent getting hurt. To help avoid any tricks, follow these tips to keep your pets safe and healthy on Halloween.

Keep Treats Away

Chocolate and xylitol (an ingredient found in many candies) are dangerous to cats and dogs if ingested. Keep your stash of candy well out of reach of pets to avoid serious sickness.

Comfortable Costumes

Costumes should never constrict movement, overheat or cause any discomfort. If you’re dressing up your pets, make sure they can move, breathe and bark or meow just as they normally would.

Keep Pets Inside

Halloween is full of new sounds and activities your pets may not be used to. To avoid stressing your pets, keep them in a quiet area of your home where they won’t panic and risk running out into the night.

Avoid Lit Jack-O’-Lanterns

Use LED lights instead of real candles to illuminate any jack-o’-lanterns. This substitution will prevent a fire hazard in case your pet gets excited and accidently knocks a jack-o’-lantern over.

As much as we want to protect our pets year-round, accidents can happen. Halloween is a hectic time of year, and keeping your pets safe and healthy is a top priority.

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