Staying safe in inclement weather is a high priority for drivers. In Canada, our fickle winters can give us massive snowfall one day and rain and slush the next, leading to icy roads and other hazards. For most Canadians, it’s conditions like these that make winter tires not just an option but a necessity.

Once the temperature drops to about 7 degrees Celsius, it’s time to switch your tires for the season. Winter tires are designed to stay supple in cold temperatures, which in turn provides you with greater control of your vehicle and better fuel efficiency from improved traction. Winter tires can also shorten your braking distance by as much as 25 percent. As a driver, you are responsible for being in control of your vehicle at all times, meaning that road conditions are not considered a cause for accidents.

But winter tires aren’t just vital for bad seasonal weather — they can also lower the cost of your auto insurance. Hudson’s Bay Insurance is a licensed Canadian home and auto insurance broker that compares rates from up to eight of the leading home and auto insurance companies. They work in your best interests to find you individualized coverage at the most competitive rates available.

If you’re an Ontario resident, you can take advantage of further savings: all insurance companies offer their Ontario customers a discount on their auto insurance when they install winter tires on their vehicle.

When shopping for and maintaining your winter tires, remember to look for the peaked mountain and snowflake logo on the tire, to regularly check air pressure and to replace worn tires. You should also install your winter tires in sets of four and not mix sizes or tread patterns.

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