With summer at an official close, we’re all waiting to see what winter has in store for us. But before that cold weather hits, we get to enjoy the gorgeous fall season — not only one of the best times of the year but also a great time to take care of your home. Fall maintenance can make a big difference for your comfort and actually protect your home from the effects of winter.

There are a multitude of fall maintenance tasks, but some of the most important responsibilities include making sure your home is at its safest.

– Clean out your gutters to prevent clogs that can lead to leaks inside your home and expensive repairs.

– Schedule a professional service cleaning for your furnace.

– Own gas appliances? Call a professional to ensure they are in good working order too.

– Keep drafts out! Seal any cracks around windows and doors with caulking to keep your home cozy.

– Clean and seal any cracks in your driveway with proper filler product, as these can cause dramatic driveway deterioration in the colder months.

– Inspect your roof for loose or missing shingles that need repair to avoid costly indoor damage.

– Ensure all your downspouts are leading water away from your home’s foundation to reduce the risk of flooding.

– Most importantly, keep your home and its contents safe by ensuring you have up-to-date home insurance.

o Whether you own or rent your space, you’ve invested in your home and your possessions and they should be kept safe. Fall and winter weather can wreak havoc on your home, both inside and out, and can cause damage that you might not anticipate.

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