Tomorrow is Canada Day, and for many Canadians it’s a time to celebrate by setting off fireworks or watching a fireworks display. While this can be great fun for the family, it can be scary for your pets.

Both large-scale and at-home fireworks displays can be especially frightening environments for dogs and they may behave unpredictably. Your dog could experience a severe panic attack and run away or hurt itself trying to get away from the noise. Your dog may also decide that the fireworks noises are a threat and try to “attack” them, resulting in serious injury from the explosions or it may ingest the fireworks, causing critical illness.

This doesn’t mean that you have to avoid fireworks at all costs, but there are some precautions you can take.

Keep Your Pets at Home or Inside

If you’re setting off fireworks at home or in the park, keep your pets inside. The same goes for attending a fireworks show – avoid the combined stress of a large crowd, an unfamiliar area and fireworks and leave your dog safely at home.

Familiarize Your Pets to the Sounds

This may sound silly, but some pet owners have found it effective to play fireworks sounds at increasing volumes as the date approaches. This will make the sounds more familiar to your pets, which will give them less reason to worry. If you really want your dog to feel good, try a Pavlovian-style trick by taking it for a walk or feeding it whenever you play the sounds. This can significantly increase the likelihood that fireworks noises won’t upset your dog.

Tire Your Pets Out

This is an experienced pet owner trick. Everything is less dramatic when your pets have spent all their energy having fun with you earlier in the day. Take your dog for a walk, to the off-leash park or any other energetic activity so that when the time comes, your dog is too tired to have much of a reaction to the fireworks noises.

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Happy Canada Day, everyone!

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