Gift Card Advantage

Hudson’s Bay Financial Services recently teamed up with the leader in Canadian gift card trading, CardSwap.ca, to launch the Gift Card Advantage program. Customers can trade in gift cards from over 400 merchants for a Hudson’s Bay eGift Card and receive better value than if they were to exchange those unused gift cards for cash.

The average Canadian homeowner has over $300 in unused gift cards gathering dust. We’re hoping to shrink that number for our customers.

You can also exchange partially used gift cards with a balance of $25 or more. Combine the value from each leftover card into a single Hudson’s Bay eGift Card and purchase something more useful with the cumulative amount.

Think about it this way: if you travelled to another country, exchanged some of your currency and had some left over at the end of the trip, would you exchange it back?

Of course you would. When you view gift cards for what they are – another form of currency – it’s easier to appreciate their value. They’re a huge part of our culture (over $6 billion spent on them every year in Canada), and once you optimize your gift card capital, you’ll have more disposable income.

Your Hudson’s Bay eGift Card can be used at Hudson’s Bay, the thebay.com and Home Outfitters stores.

Hudson’s Bay Financial Services is all about finding you the best ways to save your money, and CardSwap.ca is Canada’s largest and most trusted gift card exchange network.

Click here to start exchanging your gift cards through the Gift Card Advantage today!