Now that some parts of Canada have started to slowly revert back to normal with COVID-19 restrictions being loosened, many Canadians are excited to get back to doing some of the activities they love most! From backyard barbecues and homemade comfort foods, to visiting and ordering from their favourite restaurants, it is important to practice safe eating habits to help avoid accidentally choking on your favourite dish or snack. Here are some simple tips to remember that will help prevent any accidental choking this fall season!

Take small bites – As excited as you may be to take a bite of a backyard BBQ burger, be sure not to overdo it! One of the most common causes of choking accidents is taking too big of a bite that you are unable to swallow.

Chew thoroughly – Unless you are in a professional hotdog eating contest, remember that finishing your food isn’t a race! Be sure to chew thoroughly while eating to avoid any large pieces of food from blocking your airway.

Alternate liquids and solids – Take a break from eating to have sips of water (or whatever your favourite beverage is) to help clear your mouth and throat of any residual food matter that may be present.

Clear throat between bites – If you ever feel like there could be some sort of blockage in your throat while eating, never hesitate to play it safe by clearing it! While it may not be the most pleasant thing to do at the dinner table, it could mean the difference between a happy meal and a sudden tragedy.

Even after you take all the necessary precautions to avoid accidental choking, accidents can unfortunately always happen. This is why Hudson’s Bay Financial Services is proud to offer affordable Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance through our partner Chubb Life.1 If you’re between 18 and 69 years old, you are guaranteed to be accepted with no medical questions or exam required for enrolment.

In addition to easy enrolment, affordable group rates and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, you can earn 1,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points when you obtain a one-time, no-obligation quote, 2,000 Rewards points upon enrolment, and 4,000 Rewards points annually when you renew your coverage.2

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1) Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance is arranged for by Hudson’s Bay Financial Services and underwritten by Chubb Life Insurance Company of Canada (“Chubb Life”). Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance is currently not available in Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon, Quebec and Nova Scotia. Complete details of coverage, including definitions of covered accidents and any limitations or exclusions that apply, are set out in the Policy.

2) Earn 1,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points when you obtain a one-time, no-obligation Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance quote; 2,000 Rewards points upon approval; and 4,000 Rewards points annually.

Each Hudson’s Bay Rewards points offer is limited to one Hudson’s Bay Rewards account per household.
Hudson’s Bay Rewards points will be issued within four to six weeks.
This offer cannot be combined with other offers and may change without notice.