HBC Logo - Hudson's Bay Financial Services is a division of the Hudson's Bay Corporation


Hudson’s Bay Financial Services is a life and general insurance agency, incorporated in 2006 and wholly-owned by Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC). Hudson’s Bay Financial Services is licensed to conduct life, accident and sickness, and property and casualty business in all provinces in Canada.

In addition to offering a comprehensive suite of insurance products, underwritten by some of the top insurance companies in Canada, and offer other financial and subscription services through arrangements with leading suppliers.

Our suppliers are selected based on being recognized leaders in the marketplace and have a reputation for building trust with their customers. We only work with organizations that offer outstanding, Canada-based customer service and offer products and offer competitively priced that deliver great value.

Does Hudson’s Bay Financial Services underwrite the insurance policy?
No, the insurance policy is underwritten by the insurance company who issues the policy and also handles claim support and customer service.
Does Hudson’s Bay Financial Services plan to offer banking services?
At this time there are no plans to offer banking services.
Can I use my Hudson’s Bay MasterCard to pay for my premiums?
Yes, Premiums can be paid using the Hbc Mastercard powered by NEO or any valid Canadian credit card
How do the products and services offered by Hudson’s Bay Financial Services benefit customers?
Hudson’s Bay Financial Services works to provide savings and convenience to our customers by taking the guesswork and complexity out of their financial decisions. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of financial products that leverage the buying power of our suppliers to provide preferred group rates to individuals and the best possible value for their investments. All products and services offered have been integrated with the Hudson’s Bay Rewards program, allowing customers to secure the lifestyle solutions they need and also collect Hudson’s Bay Rewards points with the purchase of any of the products or services.
Why has Hudson’s Bay Financial Services decided to partner with these third party financial services companies?
Hudson’s Bay Financial is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for our customers and the companies we work with share our commitment to delivering the best experience for our customers. These partnerships help us build a customized, trustworthy and affordable approach to our customers’ financial service needs.
Is Hudson’s Bay Financial Services a distinct division of Hudson’s Bay Company? Is it part of a store?
Hudson’s Bay Financial is a corporate life and general insurance agency, wholly owned by Hudson’s Bay Company. It is licensed to conduct business in all provinces in Canada.
Hudson’s Bay Company is a retailer, why are they offering financial services?
We see this as an opportunity to provide Hudson’s Bay customers with products and services that are easy to understand, competitively priced and deliver great value.