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Let’s face it: You don’t hesitate at purchasing car insurance when you buy a car, or a house when you buy a home. So why not travel insurance?

The More You Know


Travel insurance is the peace of mind you need when taking a trip out-of-province. Whether you’re travelling nationally or internationally, your provincial health care doesn’t cover all the fees for out-of-province medical treatment.

Travel insurance is for everyone. Whether you’re planning a small weekend trip to another province or spending the winter down south or abroad, travel insurance can save you from unexpected fees.


There are several types of travel insurance. Health and medical coverage are the most important. You also have the option to insure the amount paid for your trip in case anything unexpected prevents you from leaving. These plans can also cover interruption of your trip and lost or stolen luggage.


Travel insurance is custom-built to fit your needs at a price you can afford. Rates are based on your age, the state of your health at the time of purchase and the length of your trip, a wide variety of plans are offered that cost less than unexpected medical fees.


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