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Anxiety and Yoga

Anxiety and Yoga

Everyday life for the average Canadian adult can be stressful. From work responsibilities to domestic labour, from raising children to paying bills, it’s no wonder that so many adults struggle with stress and anxiety every day. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to...

Causes and Treatments for Hot Spots on Dogs 

Causes and Treatments for Hot Spots on Dogs 

The dog days of summer can heavily impact the health of both yourself and your pets. Heat exhaustion and hot spots can cause traumatic and long-lasting damage to the health of your dogs and should be taken seriously. Understanding hot spots and heat exhaustion in dogs...

Summer Safety

Summer Safety

So many Canadians wait all year long for the summer and it’s no secret why! From longer days to warmer weather, to the amazing seasonal activities available, there’s no wonder why summer is so many Canadian’s favourite time of year! While enjoying your summer is very...


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